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E-Naturima Card

Terms of Use e-Card Naturima

The e-card Naturima is free and not transferable.


To join the e-card Naturima just send an email to cartao@e-naturima.com with the following information: name, address and e-mail.


Are exclusive and inalienable rights of (a) Cardholder e-Naturima:

Get 10% discount on all products and services e-Naturima since accession, for purchases over € 5 *;

Receive offers charming face to the accumulation of points;

Receive discount coupons custom;

Accessing items specially priced for customers with card;

Receive periodic on special offers and charm-Naturima as tickets to shows or other events.

* benefit not combinable with other offers or promotions.


Each purchase more than 5 euros equals 1 point;

Each point equals one Gerebera e-Naturima;

In accumulating 10 gereberas is offered a coupon of 10% on the value of accumulated purchases for purchases over 25 euros;

In accumulating 30 gereberas is offered Bouquet e-Naturima, which corresponds to the supply of a product in the average value of accumulated purchases wrapped in packaging and Naturima-Smile.